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Press release

Rembrandt Tower Boardroom closes as luxury meeting venue 19 DECEMBER 2017


AMSTERDAM, 22 August 2017 – The most luxurious meeting venue in the Netherlands – the 150 metre-tall Rembrandt Tower Boardroom in Amsterdam – will close at the end of this year.

Director Alexandra Hutter: “I started with a dream in 2003: to offer the ultimate in hospitality to the top players in the business world. Over 2.000 companies have defined their visions for the future, discussed mergers, or celebrated anniversaries here. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to carry out all my ideas when it comes to hospitality. Just like in the business world, sometimes it’s the right moment to change direction. And that time has now come.”

Not just a meeting venue, the Rembrandt Tower Boardroom was also known for its “Hemels Rembrandt” event, which celebrated Rembrandt’s artwork as well as fine dining.

The Boardroom will stay open for meetings and company events until 19 December. Hutter: “We’re here to serve businesses from all sectors until the very last day.”

In the future, Hutter plans to expand the “Rembrandtje” – the chocolate coins that she developed using a recipe for old Dutch spices. She’s also ready to spread her wings again: “I already have some ideas, but first I plan to sit on a mountain that’s even higher than the Rembrandt Tower Boardroom to get inspired for the future.”


For more information:, Karin, 06—30396239. Rembrandt Tower Boardroom: 020-5618080. Amstelplein 1, 1096 HA Amsterdam.