You're invited… To the highest level of Amsterdam

Salon Vessel

Take your guests on an exclusive tour through the canals of Amsterdam on one of our saloon boats.

Although taking in the impressive view of Amsterdam from the Boardroom and its distinctive ambience will make a memorable impression on your guests, it is not the only way to enjoy the sights our nation’s capital has to offer. We now offer you the opportunity to combine your meetings, product launches, or client events with an exclusive grand tour of the city’s famous canals in one of our salon vessels.

Prior to or after receiving your guests at the Rembrandt Tower Boardroom, our Service Team and Chef will join you and your guests as we embark on a voyage along the landmarks of the city. All three of our Salon Vessels are furnished in the style you have come to expect of the Boardroom, their characteristic atmosphere a match for that of their shore-bound equivalent. We will gladly assist you in selecting the salon vessel that best suits your personal wishes and the number of invitees.

Saloon boat Possibilities

Capacity Salon
Vessel I
vessel II
vessel III
Cocktail 15 25 50
Lunch / Diner sitting down 12 19 26
Lunch / Diner walking 15 25 40


Our Chef and Service Team will ensure that the entire range of dishes from the Rembrandt Tower Boardroom menu is also served aboard the saloon vessels, and you will be able to enjoy all our familiar services. Our exclusive Boardroom composition arrangements are cooked and served on deck as well.